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Cambion: Season 1: Dark Around the Edges

Cari Z

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Devon Harper isn't just an agent of the Safeguard Systems private security firm, he's also a cambion, the half-breed offspring of an incubus and a human. While on the trail of Porter, a dangerous summoner, Devon's own demonic birthright betrays him to a warding spell and he's captured, leaving his sometime partner Rio to step in and save the day. Unfortunately, their quarry is well away by the time Devon is freed. If they don't catch him fast, Porter could once again vanish overseas and out of their reach.

As the two men begin their search, the urgency of their mission can't quite distract Devon from the growing affection he feels for Rio—the one person whose calm nature seems to quiet his restless spirit. Their hunt leads them to a Seattle hotel, but Devon is captured and Porter almost killed as the demon who has been pulling his strings springs his ultimate trap. He's got plans for Devon, and unless Rio is willing to risk everything by revealing his own hidden nature to stop him, he may have found a way to become the most powerful incubus to ever walk the Earth.

The first thing Devon noticed about the underground lair that he was entering—though 'lair' might have been coming on a bit too strong, given that the place was well lit and decorated like a cross between a Buddhist temple and a seraglio—was the smell. It was too delicate to be called a smell, really; a scent, wafting up the stairs and past the two burly Asian men who were waiting to escort Devon into the belly of the beast. The delicate curls of incense were flavored with spikenard, a derivative of the valerian family and supposedly the stuff that drove Judas to rebel after Mary Magdalene used the costly ointment to anoint Jesus' feet, and...

Devon could feel his overactive memory trying to dive down irrelevant avenues of information in his head, and he firmly refocused himself on the men walking toward him.

"Arms up," one of the men said, his English barely scratched by a Mandarin edge. He wore a cheap, shapeless polyester suit and a bolo tie, with some sort of rough-cut brown stone for a pendant. Not exactly contemporary fashion choices, but it looked like the standard uniform for henchmen, if the other guy was anything to judge by. Devon just smiled and raised his arms, letting the man frisk him and taking note of the Taser gun at his hip as well as the piece he was trying to hide, a small-caliber pistol in the small of his back. The way he walked suggested there was something strapped down at ankle height, too, but Devon didn't plan on getting up close and personal enough to make sure.

The man's hands ran briskly down his legs, and Devon gave a tiny, experimental shimmy of his hips. The man finished his check and stepped a foot back, as square-jawed and implacable as ever. No reaction. Interesting. "This way," he grunted. The other man never spoke, but he followed behind them, sandwiching Devon between them as they headed deeper into Tian.

5 - Lisa T at Attention Is Arbitrary
"I can’t get enough of it! The chase is interesting, the mysterious backgrounds of Dev and Rio are intriguing, but this is ALL about the relationship between these two crazy, sexy men. I think it’s pretty clear that I am completely absorbed by the character development in these books. Even the side characters are recognizable and memorable. But again, it’s the relationship that Ms. Z has built between Dev and Rio that is outstanding. Highly Recommended! **Note: this rating applies to the third episode only. "

5 - Linda at Paranormal Romance Guild
"Devon Harper works for Safeguard Systems, a cutting edge security and personal bodyguard company with a darker side involving search and rescue, kidnapping and paranormal. His assignment is to enter Tian, a club hidden in the Mojave Desert, and find Porter Grey, a man who is wanted for many crimes. He is a demon summoner, a rapist, a kidnapper, and is responsible for many other evil exploits. There is explicit sex between Rio and Devon and there is suspense and mystery. *Note: this review applies to the first episode only."

5 - Linda at Paranormal Romance Guild
"Episode 2 picks up exactly where the first one left off. Devon and Rio are planning on a trip to Vegas in hopes of finding Porter Grey, a man who is wanted for many crimes, including that of demon summoner, rapist, and more. Since this is a serial, each episode will start where the previous one ended. Reading them in order is important. There is explicit M/M sex, suspense, and mystery. Although Rio and Devon are not a real couple, each living separately, they are very loving when they are together. In spite of the mystery surrounding Rio, and the fact that he is scary with his seven foot height and bald head, he has tenderness about him evidenced by his love of his little dog and his affection for Devon. **Note: this review applies to the second episode only."

5 - Linda at Paranormal Romance Guild
"We left off in Episode 3 with Devon losing his sense of touch. He made a deal with the witch, Lynlis Syfer, for her help in finding Porter Grey. He has three days of agony ahead, and all he wants at this point is to go home. The guys are heading to Seattle where the next episode will take place and where they will hopefully catch Porter. As with the first two episodes there is explicit sex, suspense and mystery. **Note: this review applies to the third episode only."

5 - Lisa at Attention Is Arbitrary
"Well, well, well call me a liar. Before reading this episode I think I said this series couldn’t get any better. Was I ever wrong. Cari Z just keeps delivering. This episode goes from pure fun, to sexy cross dressing, to absolute catastrophe. [t]here is a lot going on in this book, but it never feels rushed. It moves along very smoothly, with the right action and the right dialog in all the right places. Are there cliff-hangers each episode? Yeah, sure. It wouldn’t be a serial if there weren’t. And that’s what makes this so much fun; knowing that you’re going to get more of this sexy, tender thrill-ride in the next episode. **Note: this review applies to the fourth episode only."

5 - Faye at Live Your Life, Buy The Book
"I loved this episode! Oh man, I was so bummed when it ended and I had to wait a month. The guys, Devon and Rio, finally really start to admit things to themselves then get forced into admitting the truth aloud in front of their enemies. Poor Rio! It was bad. Once again I’m stuck feeling frustrated I don’t know what is coming up. It’s a six part series and part four just had a serious crisis. Will five bring the climax to the story and six be resolution and wrap up? Am I stuck waiting til August to find everything out?! Gah! **Note: this review applies to the fourth episode only."

5 - Lisa T at Attention Is Arbitrary
"This episode begins with glimpses of Rio’s past (way past) which intermingle with the present. It all builds toward a battle scene full of tense action. Eventually the story smoothes out to a tender, sweet, and humorous interlude that left me smiling. I absolutely cannot wait to see where Cari Z takes me next. I’d follow Rio and Dev to heaven OR hell. **Note: this review applies to the sixth episode only."

4.5 - Faye at Live Your Life, Buy The Book
"This series has one of my favorite tropes from paranormal romance. One main character has an innate power to which the other is immune. [We] know inherently they are together because they want to be. we aren’t quite there yet with Devon and Rio. They haven’t yet begun to realize they love each other. We have to give them time, the series just started. I also like we aren’t at all sure of what Rio is. We know he’s something other than human or cambion, but not what. He’s a seven foot tall, sexy, international man of mystery with guns and bombs. What’s not to love? **Note: this review applies to the first episode only."

4.5 - Sirius at Reviews by Jessewave
"It was such a pleasure to read about Devon’s love for his family; it felt genuinely sweet and I had no doubt that his family loves him back—not just his fathers, but also his foster brothers and sister. This episode also felt as a relative calm before the storm. I do not know if Rio and Devon will try to go after the bad guy in the next episode, or the episode after next, but for several reasons I felt that the fight will continue again soon. I also reread the three episodes together and I have to say that so far I really like how the story is paced—when it speeds up, when it slows down, but never drags, it all works for me. Once again I cannot wait for the next part. ***Note: this reviews applies to the third episode only."

4.5 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"I felt like I would have been happy, in most respects, if this were a standalone story. The relationship arc will take a lot longer to develop, but this was sexy enough and the characters have enough chemistry that I felt like it went above and beyond what I was expecting. I’m really excited about what is to come this first season of the serial. Devon seems like he can easily get into all kinds of trouble and Rio can always get him out. And the chemistry they have together is explosive. I’m just glad that it’s only the beginning!"

4 - Lisa T at Attention Is Arbitrary
"This first book in the serial does a good job of setting up interest. It lays out some main players and a general agenda for the series. It accomplishes all of this while we’re intertwined in an espionage mission and subsequent rescue operation. I was impressed by the energy and excitement of the action scenes. The smoothness of Rio’s killer confidence makes me want to be behind him in any gun battle. Another highlight is the anticipation of a sexual encounter between Rio and Devon. "

4 - Pixie at M/M Good Book Reads
"This short installment was brilliant. We have a seductive cambion working to bring down criminals. We have the mysterious Rio who can send demons to hell and we have a demon summoner who is trying to stay one step ahead of Safeguard Systems to carry out a plan for his employer. I have to admit that I am hooked. The entire storyline has me panting for more. I have to recommend everyone has a peek at this because I doubt that you will be disappointed."

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"Cari Z is continuing to draw me in with this serial. The first episode hooked me but this one did what it needed to keep my interest up. And more than doing that by leading us to more clues as to the overall and main plot, and about Porter Grey, it takes the time to lay down the bones of the characters (especially Rio in this one) and further develop the relationship between the two. . I found that this story was just as much to my taste as the first one, even though it was without big explosions and the action that I enjoyed so much. That is because Devon and Rio can hold the story on their own. Devon is just as funny here as I first saw him, with an outrageous personality and Rio’s secrets and air of mystery kept me intrigued, especially as we got to know him better with more of his point of view in this episode. *Note: This rating and review applies solely to the second episode"

4 - Lisa T at Attention Is Arbitrary
"I’m totally hooked! Episode 2 clinched this serial for me. The slowly building relationship between Rio and Dev is wrapped with graphically gratifying, sexy treats and sweetness. So Hot! The great twisted, action-adventure/mystery going on is developing well too. Rio and Devon are damn hot together, even if they’re not really a couple…yet. Their chemistry is sweet and spicy and is just getting better and better. The way this episode ends has me absolutely dying to know how Cari Z is going to handle Devon’s predicament, and how Rio is going to “handle” Devon. ***This review applies to the second episode only. "

4 - Sirius at Reviews by Jessewave
"This episode is not nearly as action packed as the previous one, but I did appreciate that the author took time to build up the main characters some more. I really liked how we see more glimpses of who they are as “people”. Devon’s starting moment of vulnerability when he wants to see his parents for example was a very welcome touch, and Rio’s love for his dog as well. [I] thought that the meeting with the witch was so delightfully creepy and in some ways original. I cannot wait to read the next episode. **Note: This review applies to the second episode only"

4 - Sirius at Reviews by JesseWave
"The episode introduced Devon to us and several other characters, including somebody who I thought was clearly a potential second half for him. There were also potentially *very* interesting supporting characters being introduced, about whom I cannot wait to learn more. The episode was also very action packed. We are thrown into an interesting fantasy world, which is a mixture of our world with addition of demons and other interesting creatures. I liked that the author did not go the info dump route, but instead threw the reader in her world and I guess let me “sink or swim” . I really had a lot of fun reading this episode."

4 - Kassa at 3AM
"The writing as always is crisp and creative. I appreciate the author’s imagination quite a bit and am looking forward to see where the story goes and what else will be thrown at the reader. I feel as though we’ve only barely scratched the surface of both the complex world and possibilities and I’m eager for more. ***Note: this review applies to the third episode only."

4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"I don't know what I was expecting, but surely I was not expecting this. And by this, I mean an awesome story packed in a few pages filled with sexy love. It ends off on a thrilling note, which leaves the reader begging for answers. Should You Read It? Hell yes...all fans of Cari Z should be picking this one up, and the story is intriguing and exciting. Who doesn't love a half-sex demon? Plus, Rio and Devon's relationship should get all types of interesting as the episodes keep coming. Really enjoyed it! **Note: this review applies to the first episode only."

4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"This serial is getting more awesome by the episode, and I am 100% invested in the characters. I just love the adventure these guys are on while searching for Porter Grey, and every new character introduced give me feels like a kid in a candy store. I am all types of hooked on this and can't wait to dive in the follow up story. Love Cari Z's writing and look forward to anything that mind of hers pushes out. Can I just say "On to the next one!”. **Note: this review applies to the second episode only."

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"I think that what I liked so much about this third installment into the Cambion world is that it takes what we saw in the second and continues to develop it. Of course, some pretty big secrets come out, including the one Rio’s been trying to hide, but while it was nice to find out what he really is, I liked seeing the developing intimacy between him and Devon even more. **Note: this review applies to the third episode only."

4 - Ginnie at Review The Rainbow
" I'm glad that I got to read the whole story together because I don't think I could have stood the wait since this was originally released as a serial. The author creates a fantastic world within our own and its easy to get sucked into the story. Pick it up now that its out as a complete volume if you like paranormal and fantasy elements in your romance, hot sex between beautiful men, and wickedly fun characters that will leave you smiling. **Note: this rating applies to the entire series."

4 - Kassa at 3am Reviews
" I did like where the series was ending this time and the potential for the future. Clearly there’s more these two have to do and I like that they’re finally a united front. I love the twist with Steven and want to know where it goes. I have to say this series has offered some incredible cliff hangers. More please! A note about the included free story – I loved it. Every bit of it. Anyone who wants to read this series should definitely get the season’s pass. You won’t want to miss the extras. Overall I’d give this series 4 stars and recommend it. It’s one I would read again. **Note: this rating applies to the season as a whole."

4 - Megan at Amethyst Daydreams
"This is, of course, an adult serial with explicit scenes. There is more to it than just sexy scenes though. Devon can't use his powers on Rio so he knows that whatever happens between them, it is real. I love how Cari Z. can make you feel all of it. Just phenomenal. Their relationship is amazing because of how well they work together. Rio anticipates Devon's needs and Devon knows that Rio needs his acceptance. They work together easily like breathing. All in all, I loved this. LOVED it. I will probably re-read it at some point now that it is on Trevor (my Kindle). I give each of the books of this serial 4 Fairies for being amazing stories with plot and purpose. **Note: this rating applies to the season as a whole."

4 - Sirius at Reviews By Jessewave
"I actually thought that this was a very strong episode. I thought that Rio’s willingness to do anything, literary anything for Devon was very well portrayed and phone conversation with Devon’s fathers showed their desperation and made my heart break for all of them. I thought this author really excelled in the fantasy part of this story – the descriptions of demons, angels and some other creatures was very well done. I loved the action fighting scenes. It really was very cinematic to read this story. **Note: this review applies to the fifth episode only."

3.5 - Sirius at Reviews By Jessewave
"Again, great action fighting sequences – REALLY good. The description of Rio’s powers were awesome, I loved it. I also loved how the author added some very nice touches to the mythology of who Rio was. I mean, Rio is of course a rather well known figure in the religious mythology, but because I have read a lot of fantasy books about these beings, I really liked some small things the author added or twisted. I liked the ending, I thought it ended well, but also several storylines were hinted at which could be developed in the second season. **Note: this review applies to episode six only."

3.5 - Sirius at Jessewave
"We reconnect with Devon and Rio when they are closing in on Potter Grey and trying to finally catch him. Of course we all know what often happens to the best laid plans, right. Despite a lot of VERY detailed preparation something goes horribly wrong in this episode – I mean, the relaxed (mostly) calm of the previous episode clearly meant that something bad is coming soon. And it did come. I tried and have to admit to myself – I am definitely not a reader of serial fiction until such fiction is completed. It also took me a minute or two to remember who Steven was and why was he there with Rio and Devon – I have not reread other episodes before starting this one and I deliberately have not read the blurb either. **Note: this review applies to Episode 4 only."

3 - Kassa at Three AM Reviews
"Episode 2 of Cambion hits a bit harder and a bit edgier than the first. It’s just as good, if not better, than the first episode as the action becomes more involved and deeper. I like the possibility that the main characters are not immune to problems. They’re wildly talented of course, but it’s not to know they’re not invincible. I’m very curious to see where the story goes from here. I’d recommend reading the first one again or waiting to read these back to back though. I cannot wait to read the next episode. **Note: This review applies to the second episode only."

3 - Kassa at 3 AM Reviews
"As a first episode, Heavens on Fire did everything it should do. I was drawn into the world and the possibilities and honestly am excited to read more. It’s a little tough to wait for the next installment but here’s to hoping I can be patient. I’d recommend this to those readers who like their romance a little dark with a side of smoking hot supernatural."

3 - Kassa at 3am Reviews
"To start with the final showdown between Cressidus and Rio is filled with action and pretty well done. I was sucked in once again from the start and wanted to see what would happen. I mean it’s easy to figure out the ending but I was curious how it would go down. I liked the choreography of the fight and how it finally ended. I was impressed with the consequences both Rio and Devon had to deal with and that made me like them that much more. I did like where the series was ending this time and the potential for the future. **Note: this review applies to Episode 6 only."


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