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Breaking Point

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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After a long day, Malachi has the perfect plan for relieving stress with his lover, Phinn. Pushing limits has never been more of a turn on.

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3.5 - Tam at Brief Encounters
"[F]or those who don't care for a more intense level of BDSM, including CBT, this may not be for you. However for a short taste of an established couple and those who are looking for an intense scene between a loving couple it is well done story."

3.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"Every time I read something done by these amazing authors, I come to the conclusion that there is nothing I won't read if it's written well. They keep busting out this high class BDSM and have made me see it in a completely new light. I am respective and excited in my pants all at the same time. I love kink. The ending is sweet, and you are left with the connection between the lovers and you know they both got what they wanted out of their scene."


3,600 words

Release Date

February 14, 2012

Book Type

Free Read





Cover Art

Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, CBT, interracial, D/s