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Bounty Hunter

Cornelia Grey

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It wasn't so very long ago that James Campbell and William Hunt were lovers. They met at the horse ranch where they both worked, training and transporting stallions and mares all across the state and sometimes farther. But then, James discovered his employer's secrets and the truth behind the job he loved so much. The knowledge was too much, and James had to do something about it.

Now, James Campbell is a wanted man. Every bounty hunter in the area is hot on his trail, eager to be the one who finally brings him in. William, though, is determined to get there first. But when he finally catches up to James, he's torn between finding revenge for James' betrayal and helping him escape. Because his feelings for James are as strong as ever, and because he's not convinced that James was entirely wrong...

The man walked in the saloon, the wooden doors swinging heavily behind him. Gravel crackled under his boots as he was welcomed by the reek of cheap alcohol and gin sweat. The handful of drunken men barely spared him a glance. Someone was singing a crooked, out of tune, love song. Worn out cards slapped on wooden tabletops, the tired clinking of glass against glass as someone poured a drink.

William Hunt didn't pay attention to any of it.

He had the best part of a whiskey flask in him, a gun heavy at his side, the stubble of four days on his face, and a sure lead. A lead he might have dragged out of a whimpering man, pressing the barrel of his gun hard into his cheek and wondering out loud whether at this particular angle the man's eye would explode as the bullet tore through it before it blew up his brain. The man couldn't speak fast enough to tell William what he wanted to know.

William hadn't shot the man, of course. He hadn't even intended to. He was just good at knowing what it would take to make a man talk; it came with the job after all. This one you could scare into spilling, that one you had to beat up, that one would crack after you broke a couple of fingers.

Whatever it took to get information.

5 - Fire Pages
"Cornelia Grey continues to impress me. This is... nothing short of excellent. The anticipation... was thrilling, and the sex was explosive. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

5 - Lisa at The Novel Approach
"I've read quite a few of Cornelia Grey's short stories and have to say I believe her to be one of the most creative and versatile authors in the medium. I've read and loved everything from her, from contemporary to paranormal fantasy to steampunk to pirate adventure, and now she's tackled the Old West in Bounty Hunter and has done so in a spectacularly sexy fashion."

5 - Lisa at The Novel Approach
"Not only was the story incredibly sensual but it also promises to bring more heat between these two compelling men."

5 - Ruby at Brief Encounters
"Steamy, romantic, gritty and brimming with moral dilemmas—Bounty Hunter has it all and packs a real emotional punch. This truly is one of the best m/m short stories I've ever read.... The sex is smoking hot and the men are dark and complex. This is one of those stories that's going to linger in my memory for a very long time, and one I definitely intend to re-read in future."

4.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"Talk about 'color me surprised.' I think I missed the part about this being a gun fetish anthology.... When the two finally have their confrontation, it's all kinds of explosive and where the gun gets all kinds of dirty. I enjoyed this short because of the whole lovers being reunited under some dangerous circumstances. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Between the Covers
"Pretty much exactly what you expect when you hear the words "gun kink." A strong, well-rounded story that digs deep emotionally and sexually as the truth unfolds for both the reader and the characters. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Nikyta at The Armchair Reader
"This was a surprisingly interesting story. Whenever I read a short story I'm always skeptical of how much I'll enjoy it because it's so short, I often don't expect it to pack a lot of punch. This one, however, hides a shockingly kinky element that I wasn't sure I would like, but ultimately did.... It's easy to stick with the story because Ms. Grey has a talented way of making you want to keep reading."

4 - Naunet at Blackraven's Reviews
" I felt the tension throughout this thrilling trek that kept me actively engaged as the character galloped off into many sunsets.... I anticipated the ending or so I thought but Ms. Grey throws in a bit of unexpected scenes which threw me off slightly and the ending left me looking forward to her next book involving the antics of William and James. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

3.5 - Lis at Rarely Dusty Books
"For such a short story, only 27 pages, it's a well worked out and detailed story. It's also well written and graphic. While reading I almost found myself right there seeing and smelling everything. It's very detailed and the author knows how to use words to draw a reader right into the story.... As it is a short story, it makes no bones as to where this is going and daaaaayam, is it explosive when the reader does get there. "

0 - Lena at Rainbow Book Reviews
"This book blew me away with its intensity, sensuality, and its ability to keep me 'right there', gobbling up every angsty, sexy, painful moment. I alternated between holding my breath and gasping at the raw, carnal impressions that were set before me.... I'd recommend this story to anyone who likes sexy cowboys, rough, carnal sex, strong emotions, and alternate uses for a six gun."


Weight of a Gun


11,500 words
27 pages

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Short Story





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Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, western, gun kink