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Bound By Ink

Kimber Vale

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On an alternate Earth, Key has his marriage ink placed out of duty to his friend, Kaya, but realizes his mistake too late. He runs from the woman and her family, desperate to find a happiness that is sure to elude him in his village full of narrow-minded people. In the wilderness he discovers Dax, a man who left their tribe to seek his own freedom. Lust sparks between them, but with Kaya's father on the hunt for Key, and Key's own guilt plaguing him, will the two fugitives be able to find their happily ever after?

Tap. Tap. Tap. A withered hand forced the ink into Key's skin. The stylus pierced and then moved; pierced and then moved. The discomfort in his arm was nothing compared to the pain in his chest. He gazed down to watch the sky-colored ink bleed into his flesh. It formed a thick band around his right upper arm.

"How many have you placed, witch?"

"How many?" The old crone, Betta, chortled and spittle flew from her dry lips. "One cannot count the marriage binds I have placed. These crimped hands have sealed more unions than you can imagine, young one."

Key ruminated. He pictured the decrepit woman hammering ink into thousands of arms. Male with female. Female with male. Tonight, the blue band would be paired with the black scroll of his bond-mate's family name, marking his status forever. Tonight, he would lay with Kaya and seal the union. Tonight, a piece of his being would wither and die, lost forever to the mandates of convention.

"How did Kaya take it?"

Key felt a drop of perspiration roll slowly down the valley between his shoulder blades. It was sweltering, due to a fire blazing in the center of the tent. Blue-black smoke coiled up and out of the opening at the top of the structure and the flames cast shadow specters that writhed against the animal-skin walls.

4 - Gigi at MM Good Book Reviews
"This story has the feel of ancient Celtic ritual, witches, magic, and an island survivor aspect. An intriguing read, kept my attention and of course was fasted paced, as all short stories seem to be. "


Written in Flesh


13,300 words
33 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, fantasy, tattoo