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Blazing Star

Marie Carlson

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Bea is a mind reader, weary of battle, but still with a star in her eyes. Her lover, Hope, returns to Bea's sanctuary in need of comfort and guidance, which Bea is only too happy to give. But the respite is short-lived when other Hunters show up at the sanctuary with news of an impending battle. Bea knows she must let Hope go, even though it may be for the last time.

Her bag thumped when it hit the floor and she sank into my hug, hands pressed tight against my back. She stank of sweat and smoke, the bite of herbs underneath everything.

"Bathroom's free." I kissed her cheek. "There's bubble bath under the sink and fresh towels on the counter. That lime lotion you like so much is in the cabinet."

"Lifesaver." Her voice rasped, and my throat ached for her. "I'm about half suffocated by dirt."

"I'll bring you some lemonade."

The corner of her mouth twitched upward, and she kissed my lower lip. "You're a peach," she said, grabbed her bag, and headed inside. The screen door squealed when she jerked it open. I had a bottle of WD40 somewhere. Best track it down.

4.5 - Rainbow Reviews
"Carlson does a grand job packing clear world building, strong, engaging characters, hot sex, and well-rooted relationships into a short story, whilst not skimping on plot. The sense of time passing is palpable, and Hope and Bea are a fantastic couple. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Fire Pages
"Carlson's story is wonderful. I was never bored with the story line or the characters. Although the story is short, Carlson makes sure that the story is full and satisfying, without skimping on any of the details or rushing the story along. And finally, I love Bea and Hope's relationship. They are three dimensional characters who came to life for me. Their relationship is so intimate, and I felt like a fly on the wall, watching their story unfold. It was a personal touch that made this short story feel very special."

4 - Coffee Time Romance
"Sexy and soothing. Odd descriptions for a story, I know, but that is what I felt as I read as intruded on the world of these two women. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

0 - Good Lesbian Books
"It's a well done and entertaining piece of writing, although probably a bit too serious, with a little too little sex, for people just looking for a quick erotic read. On the other hand, if you like a bit of backstory and character development and find the average erotica short stories a bit... lacking in the depth and plot regions of their anatomy, then you'll find Blazing Star nicely fleshed out."

0 - C-Spot Reviews
"Some short stories are self-contained with a beginning, middle and end. Blazing Star seemed to drop you in the middle, give you glimpses of a much larger story and then leave you with a yearning to know what led up to the events in the story and, more importantly, what happens next. I wasn't dissatisfied with the story in the least – the author did a great job of whetting my appetite, but I think this one would make a very cool novel.... Blazing Star seems to be an oasis in-between the larger story that happens outside the pages of this story, but is wonderfully self-contained with enough glimpses and hints to do a fascinating bit of world-building without even leaving Bea's home."


Cast the Cards


9,800 words
20 pages

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Short Story





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Dare Empire eMedia


F/F, paranormal, psychic, interracial, urban fantasy