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Big Damn Heroines


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Big Damn Heroines is a celebration of the plus-sized woman. Specifically, the plus-sized woman kicking ass. The media perception of the strong female protagonist is almost invariably thin, but powerful women come in all shapes and sizes, and it's time that they had a chance to stand up and be recognized. The four stories in this anthology show that bigger women can be more than comic relief or the dumpy best friend. They can be a force to be reckoned with all on their own.

"Machine Gun" Mercy is a member of the Valkyries, an all-female squad of Roughnecks patrolling the outer solar system. When a distress call comes in from the penal colony on Titan, Mercy and the Valkyries descend to confront the Terror on Saturn VI. Porter has followed the career of vigilante superhero Firebird with great interest, if only because Firebird is actually Blaise, once her dearest friend. Firebird seems to be self-destructing, though, and though Porter tries to ignore it, she finds herself drawn into the Folie à Deux, a shared madness that threatens to swallow them both. The widening Distance of Memory following the recent death of their fourth member has left surviving bondmates Zaezon, Margellian, and Corynteea lost and uncertain. But when they come across evidence of a band of Renders attacking villages, they must find their way together as three in order to complete their mission. Finally, Cat, a Finder gifted with the ability to locate objects and people with preternatural ease, is contacted by former lover Mirsagh to help track down a merchant's son. As they follow the man's trail, old feelings—good and bad—resurface, and Cat is faced with the choice to let Mirsagh be the Finder's Keeper again.

The medical bay was an exercise in ugly. Stainless steel and molded hydrocarbon held sway, but the usual doctor's office white had been replaced with standard-issue beige. An antiseptic perfume filled the air, but it didn't hide the old smells of fear, sweat, and the anticipation of pain. Everything was rounded off and filed down, all the syringes and sharps tucked out of sight, but it was what it was. Might as well put flowers in a gun barrel.

"You know the drill Mercy: strip," Cross said.

"Not even going to buy me dinner first?" The machine gunner smirked, kicked off her boots, and shucked her fatigues. Cross half-smiled, but the light-skinned Latin woman's characteristic blush was nowhere to be seen. She was in nurse mode, and almost nothing shook her when she had her focus.

"Let's see what the scales have to say first, shall we?" Cross pulled a concealed lever, and a weight pad slid out of the wall, a display flickering at normal eye level. When Mercy stepped up, the screen pressed uncomfortably against her breasts.

"Are you sure this thing doesn't extend any farther?" she asked.

The nurse shook her head, and her short, neat bangs swayed. "Just hold your breath and wait for the beep, Mercy," Cross told her. "It will all be over in a moment."

"I've heard that one before." Mercy sighed, squared her shoulders, and did as she was told. Just as her left thigh began to tremble, the red light switched off, and the scale beeped. Mercy got down, displaying significantly less grace than she'd gotten up with, and sat down hard on the examination chair.

Cross tapped a few keys and plugged her hand screen into the mechanism. In a moment, the tablet held Mercy's vitals. Judging from Cross's frown, they weren't good. "You've put on six more pounds since your last examination." Cross kept her voice neutral and flicked her finger over the screen. "Core percentage has increased by two percent. Mercy, we talked about this."

"I listened." Mercy dug her thumb into the lightning-strike scar that ran up her left thigh and terminated at her hip. It hurt, and it was an ugly, snarling strip of skin that looked like teeth trying to hold her flesh together from the inside. "I'm following the workout regimen you gave me. I cut my off-duty drinking. What more do you want from me?"

"I want you back in fighting condition, Mercy," Cross said.

"I am in fighting condition," Mercy growled. "If you need convincing, I can do that."

-- from "Terror on Saturn VI" by Neil Litherland

4 - Vanessa at V.C. Erotica
"The four stories---and the four authors---featured here definitely did an amazing job with their stories and at building characters that are interesting and intriguing even if they may be intimidating, scary, or too bad ass for their own good. Of course, that is not a bad thing. In this case, the more bad ass, the better!"

0 - jj at Rainbow Book Reviews
"There is a large woman in every one of these stories and she is often pivotal, potent, and adept at pleasuring. Is anyone surprised? I am not and quite pleased that substantial women get to be heroines, leaders, and passionate lovers. Edge of my seat exciting!...Captivating...This is really enjoyable! **Note: this review applies to the anthology as a whole."


Big Damn Heroines


61,000 words

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Lesbian, Bisexual, Heterosexual



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Lou Harper


F/F, M/F, M/F/F, adventure, bisexual, fantasy, military, polyamory, science fiction, urban fantasy


Layla M. Wier
Megan Dorei
Michael Barnette
Neal F. Litherland