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Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders

Cornelia Grey

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Benjamin Pepperwhistle has one overriding desire: to handle the glorious machinery that is a gun. So when he decides to run away to join the circus, it's only natural that he should seek out the legendary pistoleer, Cole Beauchamp, and beg to be his assistant. Life in the circus has definite ups and downs, but as Benjamin settles in to his role, he finds that some perks are even better than he'd anticipated.

It was late afternoon, the shadows stretched under the low-hanging sun, when Benjamin reached the circus.

He walked briskly, a fabric bundle holding his meager possessions slung over his shoulder, dangling with every step he took. As he neared the rickety fence surrounding the encampment, he felt his stomach tighten with fear and excitement. Two tall, green poles marked the entrance; Benjamin paused to look at the wooden arch stretching between them, decorated in bright colors. It read, in fancy, flourished letters: The Fantabulous Circus of Wonders. The words were surrounded by bold, red and yellow stripes, and there was a fat, red and white cat painted in a corner, wearing a bowler hat and a monocle.

Benjamin felt a thrill run down his back. Behind the arch, he could see a tall, broad, red and white striped tent taking up most of the lot, adorned by bright festoons. His heart jumped in his chest. It was... majestic. There was no other word for it. It overshadowed the smaller tents and painted wooden caravans scattered behind it to form a messy little village. It was worn and patched in places, the festoons were mangy, and the paint was peeling off the wooden canopy before the entrance—but to Benjamin, it was a palace; the most beautiful tent of the richest king in the world. It was everything he'd dreamed of for so long.

Now, he just had to find his target—and make that dream happen.

5 - Ami at Boys in Our Books
"This novella is a never-ending VIP pass, a full entry to pry behind the scenes, a bubble of fantasy, and an otherworld of wonders where everything is possible, even edgy sweetness! Cornelia Grey teases senses, builds sexual tension (woo!), diffuses it with cute awkwardness only to sharpen it straight away with edge play, and all along makes you feel the hot-cold weight of a gun. “Benjamin Pepperwhistle” somehow reconciles edge with cute, and it’s one of the best m/m/gun threesome I’ve read so far. It is also the proof that short reads can pack a very satisfying punch."

4 - Ilhem at Boys in Our Books
"Cornelia shines in her ability to string you along as readers, in a fantastic journey that her characters are having. You experience things like they do. When she writes sensuality; it is like your senses being heightened. Yes, I know how the climax scenes felt – but Cornelia added another sensual scene (of Cole teaching Benjamin to shoot) that just got my skin all tingly and hot. It was like watching a movie in 4DX technology, where you felt every rhythm and beat. It was fabulous."


Weight of a Gun


22,700 words
58 pages

Release Date

Book Type

Short Story





Cover Art

Lou Harper


M/M, fantasy, fetish, gun kink, circus