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Barbarossa's Bitch

Angelia Sparrow
Naomi Brooks

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Dylan Taggert was one of the few people lucky enough to wake up the morning after the world ended. But as humanity picks up the pieces, he quickly learns that there is no place for a gay computer programmer in a subsistence farming community. Hounded out of one settlement and harried out of another, Dylan keeps his wagon packed and his walking boots ready.

All that changes when he is captured on the road by a wildpack. The ferociously masked leader, Lord Barbarossa, sees something in Dylan that he wants and he keeps the programmer as the pack makes its round of the settlements. The wildpack serves as defenders, trade caravan, circuit riding judge and priest, and mail carrier for the settlements. And Dylan, now called Kane, serves Lord Barbarossa.

But Kane wants to be more than just a warlord's toy and sets about making himself a useful part of the pack. Over the years, he earns himself a place, clothing and his membership marks. But the wheel keeps turning and once again things are changing for the wildpack. The settlements are stronger. The trade routes are secure again. And they are growing older with every winter. They have lived through the end of the old world. Now, they face living through the end of their new world as well.

When the settlement delegation entered the encampment, Kane was being fucked. Lord Barbarossa hammered away at his ass, growling obscenities. Kane himself had as much to do with the sex as the motorcycle supporting him. He gave them a quick smile and watched as his glasses slid off his nose to land in the dirt. He couldn't catch them with Barbarossa pinning his wrists together against the back of his waist. The glasses didn't break, which was lucky; he wouldn't have to get the eye-man to make him a new set next month. The elders looked at them in disgust, which turned to horrified mutters as they passed.

Once they couldn't see his face, he set his teeth. Barbarossa hadn't taken off the spiked codpiece and Kane was bleeding from the thighs and the soft skin on the back of his balls. But he couldn't make any noise. This was a dominance display. He would play his part perfectly. He heard the whispers as they saw the scar across the top of his ass, the one that read "Barbarossa's bitch" in spiky, hand-carved letters.

He felt Lord Barbarossa's fingers tighten on his hips at the sight of an old woman among the visitors. Lord Barbarossa slammed him three times and shouted a triumphant orgasm. The rest of the wildpack roared in revelry.

White got the Elders seated and brought beer to all the men. Kane nodded his approval. After Lord Barbarossa withdrew, Kane took a breath and composed his face. Then he grabbed his glasses, turned and waited. His own cock lay trapped in wicked-looking cage, all black iron and spikes. He was never allowed to climax in public.

Lord Barbarossa closed up his spiked codpiece and wiped away sweat from under his leather mask. He yanked the leash on Kane's collar and they joined the visitors at the fire. White settled a joint of beef to finish roasting over the flames and bowed out, leaving the chief of the wildpack to talk. Kane knelt at his feet, ignoring the droplets of blood sinking into the sand under him.

"We come, Lord Barbarossa, to ask—"

Kane cut off the woman with a slash of his hand. He snarled at the oldest of the men, "Make the gash shut its suckhole."

The woman's mouth dropped open at his rudeness. The men stared. Kane looked at them with a sneer. "Lord Barbarossa is offended that you have brought a gash into the camp. That you let it make noise revolts him. We have razed villages larger than yours for less."

Barbarossa clouted him on the back of the head, and Kane's ears rang. The woman rose and left without another word.

5 - Val at Reviews by Jessewave
"The story does a brilliant job in its depiction of women and their place in this new world. It doesn’t shy away from realism. The story’s strongest point – out of several strong points including flawless writing, vivid characters, and a compelling plot – is in showing the evolution of human behavior under a prolonged crisis. It’s fascinating to see what type of settlements develop – including everything from fundamentalist patriarchs to hippies – and how they evolve past needing the wildpacks over time. Barbarossa’s Bitch is a strikingly original futuristic love story that shouldn’t be missed. "

5 - Jenre at Well Read
" There isn't a dull moment and the story has stayed with me long after I finished the final page. There are twists and turns, highs and lows, times when my heart was in my throat and other times when I felt great sorrow for how people were forced to act. Ultimately though, this is a story about society recovering from a great tragedy, of hope and deliverance. [I] can't recommend this book highly enough. It's not an easy read but the rewards are worth it. "

4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"I haven't read an Anglia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks books that I haven't enjoyed the crap out of. Nobody does post-apocalyptic like these two. Barbarossa's Bitch is right up there at the top of original stories with amazing strong characters. I really enjoyed reading this one. Dylan and Barbarossa’s relationship changes, just like the world around them. It’s a series of ups and downs, but it’s clear that their love for each other will overcome all while riding bitch. Should You Read It? Hell yes! Interesting, satisfying, with bouts of amazing sexiness. Barbarossa’s Bitch is right up there with awesome. "

4 - Monique at Sinfully Sexy Book reviews
"I read this book a few weeks ago and I have to say that even now I can still recall the book, I can’t say that I connected on an emotional level with the characters, but as a whole the book was intriguing and I was engrossed in their journey which was a long and arduous one but full of hope and in the end love, it was a fitting end to the book and I would certainly recommend it. "

3.5 - Vivian A. at Heart on Fire Reviews
"There are plenty of surprises in the characters which are well wrought. Dylan aka Kane is the narrator and his journey to find a place in the After is interesting and the reasoning for the existence of the wild packs are valid. The play between Kane and Barbarossa, who has a few surprises, as well as the rest of the pack is intriguing and definitely kept the plot moving. Personally, I really like stories that delve into societal hierarchies and how power is grasped, maintained and/or subverted. BARBAROSSA’S BITCH really is quite a thoughtful gem in that respect with the realistic portrayal of governance in the After."


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M/M, abuse themes, CBT, dark themes, non-con, post-apocalyptic, slavery, science fiction, violence