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An Unexpected Gift

Joann Lee

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Skylar used to love Christmas. But after the murder of her wife five years ago at Christmas, the season has simply lost all its appeal. Skylar's world is consumed with her work now, her heart iced over and locked away. When circumstances force her to return to the scene of that death, the shock overwhelms her, and she faints in the middle of the New York subway.

She is found and cared for by a homeless woman named Abigail and her daughter Kaitlin, and after overcoming her initial mistrust, Skylar invites the two to stay the night in her home as thanks. It's there that she learns that she and Abigail have more in common than it first appeared, and that maybe, just maybe, there was still some Christmas spirit left in her after all.

"Yes, I know! Carla, how many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" Skylar tightly pulled her heavy coat around her slender frame while awkwardly balancing her cell phone in the other.

Strong winds, already growing in considerable intensity as a severe snowstorm fast approached the city of Manhattan, were howling through the nearly deserted streets. According to forecasts, New York would be slaughtered by the storm by morning. Weather forecasts were saying the heavy winds, combined with excessive snowfall, could potentially bring the city to a screeching halt. Already the city had been pelted with over ten inches of sleet and snow, so the predicted outcome was not much of a stretch. Skylar hoped the city wouldn't be hit with nearly forty inches of the disgusting white substance. Slick patches of darkness covered the sidewalks, glistening beneath the array of streetlights. A woman who insisted on wearing stilettos, no matter the weather, Skylar had to take cautious, dainty steps to prevent her heels from slipping.

"'Sorry' doesn't cut it this time, sis!" Carla yelled from the other end of the line. "I have heard you say that so many times that even I don't even believe you anymore. You promised the kids you would be here for Christmas! You know how much Fiona and Andrew love it when you come by to visit.

"I should have listened to Kris," she added, her voice filled with a mixture of sadness and anger. "He said you would never keep that promise, and he was right."

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17,400 words
41 pages

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Short Story





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ThinkSentient Ltd


F/F, contemporary, sweet romance, children, holiday