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An Invitation To Love

Blaine D. Arden

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Dominick, a winged Phae with a severe stutter, feels more at ease speaking the Drachus sign language than his own spoken one. At his work partner's wedding ceremony, he meets Lysander and Zachary who seem to have a thing for redheads like Dominick and don't mind that he doesn't want to talk. Even knowing it's just a casual arrangement, though, doesn't stop Dominick from worrying he'll mess up or from wanting more.

Standing on top of Owain ridge on the border between Ayneia and Craw Nook, I clutched Buttercup and her mate-to-be's present to my chest. Moving to the edge, I spread my wings, catching enough of the breeze to let it lift me off... as soon as I was ready. I swallowed. Noises from the foot of the ridge, faint as they were, kept me from taking that final step. The hustle and bustle below most resembled blurry rainbow colored ants, but with less discipline. As Buttercup's chosen patron, I should be mingling with the guests—a mix of Drachus, Ura, Ganesh, and Phae like me—but hunger and nausea threatened to turn my stomach at the idea of immersing myself in the crowd for her six-day mating ceremony. Maybe Mother had been right, and I should have declined the honor Buttercup had bestowed on me. But how could I? We'd been working together for close to seven years. I couldn't abandon her now. Despite my shortcomings, that wasn't who I was.

Flapping wings alerted me to approaching company, and I scanned the side of the ridge to find out where Buttercup would be coming from. Who else would look for me up here? My family lived a five-hour flight into Ayneia away. I couldn't help but smile as I spotted her to my far left, climbing up against the steepest side of the mountain.

Buttercup was an average sized Drachus. She had an elongated head twice the size of mine, four hefty legs, a long pointy tail, sharp claws one didn't want to be in the way of, and a wingspan large enough to shelter a small group of children against the rain. Her pearly pink scales glittered in the sunlight, set off by the dark pink coloring of her belly, her wings, and the tips of her ears and tail. We made quite a pair patrolling the borders between Ayneia and Craw Nook. Buttercup in pink, and me with my red hair, and red, yellow, and orange wings.

She loomed up in front of me, blocking the sunlight. I stepped back from the edge. She hovered a Drachus length away from me, her eyes thin strips of gold, seeming none too happy with me.

«I'm sorry,» I signed in Drachus, a one-handed sign language created to enable conversations with the nations surrounding their land. It wasn't the Drachus' native language. That consisted of many throat-aching growls, grunts, and rasps impossible to emulate if one wasn't built to produce those sounds.

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"Interspecies relationships can be complicated enough due to different customs and/or expectations, but add a severe speech impediment, different languages, and a variation of ideas about mating and you have a true challenge. I love the fact that all these factors were what made the three men struggle how to relate to each other, not the fact they were gay or trying to be a permanent triad. If you like fantasy, if you enjoy reading along while trying to figure out the different species and their cultures, and if you're looking for a read that is interesting and slightly quirky as well as hot, then you will probably like this free short story."


15,600 words
45 pages

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M/M, menage a trois, fantasy, polyamory