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An Angel's Soul

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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Cole had everything: a great education, his own company, money, and Daniel, his lover since college. But in gaining everything, he lost the one thing he'd been building that life for: Daniel. Now that Daniel has moved on, Cole is without direction or purpose. Turning to alcohol and drugs to fill the void left behind, Cole dives head first into a downward spiral, unaware that there is another who loves and cares for him.

As Cole's guardian angel, Raziel has watched Cole since birth, and his love for his ward is deep and abiding. Witnessing Cole's fraying life breaks Raziel's heart, and when the thread that binds them together wavers during an overdose, Raziel breaks all the rules just to keep Cole alive. The consequences are unthinkable, but a life without Cole is a loss that Raziel simply can't conceive. An angel's soul was made to love, after all, and if he saves Cole, perhaps he can show Cole how the end of one great love doesn't mean another waits patiently for him.

"Cole, stop this!" Raziel paced back and forth in front of Cole's desk in his home office. "It's crazy. Crazy! You'll kill yourself. You don't want to die." He stopped and turned to face Cole, who was intently cutting cocaine and setting it into neat lines. "You don't even know what you're doing! Couldn't you have at least asked Rob to show you how to use the stuff?"

But Cole couldn't hear him. Cole had never heard him. The alcohol, the cigarettes, and now cocaine. He growled and slammed his hands down on the polished surface of Cole's desk. "Daniel isn't worth this! Cole..." Cole rolled up a fifty dollar bill, took a swig from the whiskey bottle, and then set the edge of the rolled up bill to one of the lines of white powder. Raziel thought he would weep as he whispered, "Please, Cole."

Cole ran the bill up the line, inhaling sharply, and then sat back, sniffling, rubbing his nose with his fingers. Suddenly, Cole laughed, staring up at the ceiling, and flailed for the whiskey. He missed the bottle, and it fell, crashing onto the floor, the glass shattering, the booze spattering everywhere. Cole blinked and leaned forward, putting the rolled up bill against the next line... and the next... and the next. After a moment, he stood up, stumbled, and fell onto the rug over the hardwood floor. His laughter broke Raziel's heart.

4 - Tam at Brief Encounters
"This follows the fairly familiar trope of a guardian angel falling in love with his charge and breaking the rules, however as a rule, their humans aren't quite such a train wreck as Cole.... Raziel's frustration with being unable to help the man he'd fallen in love with was well done, along with his sheer joy in finally having his most secret fantasies come true in getting Cole to himself.... [I]f you enjoy the angel/human trope, it's got an eminently likable angel who makes the cutest little sounds.... So a sweet romantic read with a bit of a dark edge until Raziel drags Cole out of the pits of despair."

3 - Alex at Between the Covers
"A well done, if somewhat typical, tale of a guardian angel falling in love with his charge.... [D]efinitely worth picking up!"

0 - Lena at Rainbow Book Reviews
"The story was full of angst and the sex scenes were well written and heartfelt. It's my favorite part of the story as far as their relationship goes.... If you like romantic stories about loyalty, angst, paranormal events, and believe that love creates extenuating circumstances which overrule normal procedures, and if you admire those who make sacrifices in the name of love, then you'll enjoy this story."


12,000 words
30 pages

Release Date

June 21, 2012

Book Type

Free Read



Cover Art

Dare Empire eMedia


fantasy, angels, virgin, drug use, interspecies, M/M