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Tentacles are a taboo subject for most, something most people look at from between their fingers as they hide. But for a growing number of people, it's a subject that is fascinating and sexy! Tentacle erotica has been around for ages, from The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife to Demon Beast Invasion—it's a genre that is here to stay. All Wrapped Up explores this genre through the lens of gay erotic romance, offering four science-fiction and fantasy stories featuring tentacled heroes in all their wiggly glory.

The men in Ground Mission are podmates, a matched set: Simon Pollux, the lethal scout, and Adrian Lovasz, his willing and even more lethal combat specialist. In the midst of exploring an alien world, Simon is infected with an alien virus; to what lengths will Adrian go to ensure Simon's comfort? In the wood-locked town of Orm, ranger Koster meets the mysterious Irsing: the guardian of the forest. Is he the one letting the forest turn to wilds, or is the forest turning to wilds on its own? In Wildwood, Koster aims to do whatever it takes to set things right.

Eli exchanges his a life of poverty in Dark Covenant when tricked into signing a contract giving himself to the masters of the Academy. His body, his movement, his life is theirs to do with as they wish, until the enigmatic Eramus offers Eli his power—if Eli will join with him. Sebastian Reed lives on the legal limits in Situation Normal, barely scraping by in his hunk of junk ship until a Peace Officer, Ten, commandeers his ship... and his body. Not that Sebastian minds, except for wondering exactly where it is that Ten means to take him.

Dusk is falling fast now; it's a good thing they didn't go any further out than they did. Already it's getting tricky to pick out details, and colors are starting to fade to the blue-gray of oncoming night. There's a quiet, high-pitched chirping whirr coming from all directions; it sounds almost mechanical, but Adrian thinks it's an insect noise. It doesn't do anything for his nerves, either way.

Maybe five minutes from the site and ten minutes from real dark, Simon snaps, "Cover!"

Adrian dives off the trail they've been clearing, rolling in the underbrush and dropping his heat knife so he can raise his rifle. An alien lands right in the middle of the space they've just vacated, solid limbs flexing to take the impact, tentacles whipping above its body. Adrian squeezes off a quick blast as he gets to his feet, and the alien makes a terrible howling noise. "How many?" Adrian calls.

"Three, at least!" Simon yells back. "Augh, you fuck!"

That sounds bad. The one Adrian shot isn't down yet, turning, grasping at him, and he shoots it again—a more solid hit this time, something that must hit vital spots. The thing stops in its tracks, shuddering and thrashing as its legs go out from under it.

Another one lands on his back and Adrian staggers. A tentacle wraps around his throat, squeezing hard, and he can hear the thing's harsh breathing over the roaring in his ears as he sees spots. He lets go of his gun and grabs the tentacle around his throat instead. He yanks it away from his throat, gets a more solid grip, and pulls, ducking his head so he can drag the thing over him and flip it. It tries to cling to him at first, but as the muscles in his shoulders come alive its grip falters, and then it's crashing to the forest floor in front of him. Tentacles thrash; behind him somewhere Simon's rifle barks.

Adrian takes one step closer and brings a boot heel down hard into the center of the thing's body. Something crunches and caves in, and all the flailing limbs lock up. Adrian takes the opportunity to sling his gun back around and pump a solid blast into the body.

-- from "Ground Mission" by Laylah Hunter

5 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"This is definitely one of the more successful anthologies that I've read.... I enjoyed every story in the anthology, all four of them, and I didn't feel overwhelmed.... [E]ach of the ones in this anthology were very different and all had their own merits."

4 - Elizabetta at Sid Love
"An anthology about tentacles… and all the havoc they can wreak… how could I resist? If you like tentacle tomfoolery, this is the anthology for you. Each story spins a different mood and depending on your mood you’ll surely find something to like here."

4 - Jen at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"Love how these authors mixed gay erotica and tentacle heroes to create this anthology and I hope you readers will as well.... I highly recommend this book. I assure you, you won't be disappointed with the amount of sexy encounters that unravel."

4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"All Wrapped Up surprised me and had me gasping because it was so deliciously sexy, so deliciously dark and I want an All Wrapped Up take 2.... I liked the hell out of this anthology and the stories are excellent. There is both the extreme and the mild and it created a perfect balance."

4 - Alex at Between The Covers
"Tentacles aren’t my thing, per se, but this anthology was hot! It’s a wonderful mix of plot and tentacle sexiness, where the naughtiness may involve the squirming bits, but it’s not the focus of the entire story. A fantastic collection, especially for readers who are fond of this specialty. It has a little bit of sci-fi and a little bit of fantasy, providing a range of genres for readers."

4 - Tj at Review Roses
"This was a fun tale. The two men are interesting contrasts that make the story interesting and very sexy;) I would love to see more of this world. The author did a wonderful job in setting up the world and telling the story in such a limited word count. The story was a bit predictable but I loved the characters so much I would love to see more of them. **Note-this review applies to the anthology as a whole."

4 - Katinka at Boys In Our Books
"I believe that this anthology deserves a chance! You see, the awesome thing about these stories is that if you’d remove the tentacles from them, they’d still be holding their own. Foreplay matters in All Wrapped Up. None of these stories gave me the impression that the authors had actually preferred to cut straight to the porny tentacle point. Now, you may or may not like a particular story, but at least you will be able to feel the love and affection for…tendrils. Yup, if you are curious to discover what all the fuss is about, I would absolutely recommend starting with this entertaining anthology!"

3.5 - Jay at Joyfully Jay
"I will admit to being a bit nervous as I really had no idea what to expect. But overall I found it a really enjoyable anthology. The stories give us a nice range of styles and subgenres, with two being science fiction and the others two very different styles of fantasy. Yet even with these four unique takes on the tentacle theme, the anthology ties together really well. For those who are wary, I would say that the tentacle aspect is not nearly as shocking as you might think.... If you are a bit adventurous with your reading, I'd definitely say give this one a try."

0 - Sally at Bending the Bookshelf
"Much to my surprise, the stories here are as far from the hentai cliche as you can imagine. They are, instead, stories of men in love (or lust) who just happen to encounter some tentacle invaders that, invariably, spice things up.... Overall, another strong collection from Storm Moon Press, taking the tentacle taboos in directions I had not anticipated and providing some solid storytelling at the same time."


All Wrapped Up


80,000 words

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Nathie Block


M/M, science fiction, fantasy, tentacles, non-con, aliens, dark themes


Laylah Hunter
Morgan Harcourt
Thea Hayworth