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A Christmas of Coal and Mistletoe

Bobbi Romans

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Cathy has hit that 'married for so long' slump and, coupled with the news that she can't have children, she has become quite distant. Her adoring husband Dan surprises her with a Twelve Days of Christmas trip. All is well and spicy, with Partridges in Pear Trees—or at least, owls on totems poles—until a cryptic text arrives on his cell.

A text that might end their marriage for good.

But a tragic freeway accident has Cathy re-evaluating what's most important in life. As things become clear, the only question left is whether she is too late, or if just maybe she'll get all she wants for Christmas after all.

Dan and I had been together for eight years. We'd married straight out of school. We did the whole big wedding thing in a country church with our closest friends and family gathered to witness our promise of eternity to each other.

Life was good. I couldn't really complain. It was just that, well...things lately seemed so... so tepid.

"Hey, babe. Did I tell you the good news?"

I turned at the sound of his voice.

Dan's eyes twinkled in mischievous fashion. His boyish good looks and charms had never fled. Neither had the rock-hard body he'd never had to work a day for. If I, on the other hand, so much as looked at a Twinkie, my thighs threatened to dimple in protest.

"What good news?" I asked.

"My family's coming for Christmas this year."

"Awesome! When are they arriving?" I mentally began making my cleaning plans.

"Most are going to try and come by Christmas Eve, but a few stragglers may not be able to arrive until Christmas afternoon."

"How are many is 'most'? Your family isn't the smallest, you know."

"About fifteen. Twenty tops, I swear."

As he crossed his arms and the sun glinted off of his hair, there seemed, for a split second, to be a halo encircling him. My golden-haired boy next door.

Contrary to seemingly commonplace feelings about in-laws, I loved Dan's family. Maybe I didn't love them all staying with us at the same time, but we'd wing it.

I watched as he headed for the den and, no doubt, some game or another. Leaning back on the kitchen chair, I pulled my knees to my chest and used the quiet time to try and figure out why I was so down. I simply had no reason to be. Life was good.

Why, then, did something seem to be missing?

I needed adventure, something wild... something wicked.

And my guilt was eating me up.

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18,200 words
56 pages

Release Date

Book Type

Short Story





Cover Art

Lou Harper


M/F, contemporary, marriage, holiday