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Author's Biography:

Talon Rihai is a self-described androgynous, gender-neutral/fluid, butch, bisexual bitch. The last part may be laying it on a bit thick, but modesty is something she has never been afflicted with. She underwent years of internal conflict about her female vs. maleness before coming to the conclusion that she could indeed be the best of all possible worlds in one package; and she does very convincing drag—at times without even trying. Talon has been storytelling as far back she can remember, and "torturing" her characters for just about as long—under the rationale that Angst Is Good. As a writer, she is notorious for knowing every possible detail about her characters' lives and the fictional worlds they live in. Talon has written hundreds of thousands of words in both original and fan fiction, and plans to write hundreds of thousands more. On this plane of existence, Talon lives with her daughter, husband, six rescued cats and two leopard geckos (who may or may not moonlight as Godzilla). For more Tal news and tidbits, visit

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