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T.C. Mill earned her degree in philosophy from a small Wisconsin university. Because there are very few ways to make a living with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, she’s also trying her hand at writing. Though it doesn’t enable her to earn a living exactly, it does give her the privilege of sharing her ideas. Anyway, the stories ambush her at odd hours and refuse to release her until they are set down on paper. Her future career plans include saving the world, perhaps with the help of yet another degree. In the meantime she’s polishing her resume in Washington, D.C. Dreamspinner Press published her fantasy novelette “After the War” and A Spell of Passion or Fear, a novella set in a steampunk version of Plato’s Republic. She has also written flash fiction published by Every Night Erotica and Circlet Press. A fantasy novelette, Gardens Where No One Can See, is scheduled for release by Carina Press in late 2013. More updates and information about what she’s doing next can be found at

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