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Robert Cage has been writing BDSM novels and short stories for close to twenty years, publishing on the Web through various eBook publishers. From 1997 to 2010 he authored four novels and one collection of short fiction under another pseudonym. He has always striven to make his fiction "more story and character-focused" than much of what he sees published in the BDSM world. This approach alienated a good part of his audience, but also won him some extremely devoted fans over the years.

He met Kathryn Sparrow while working at a local Tech company as an author of technical publications, and she introduced him to the romance genre. Pleasantly surprised at the potential for a richer emotional palate than he had been limited to with strictly BDSM fiction, Robert began to trade ideas with Kathryn, and then eventually pages of what would come to be Submit for Redemption, whose first draft clocked in at 550 pages. Two years later, Robert and Kathryn are proud to present the first instalment with Book One - Submission. Look forward to blog posts that will tell you even more about Submit for Redemption's multi-faceted characters and ever-expanding and changing universe.

In addition to writing fiction, Robert collects books, music, and movies avidly, and also contributes to a number of online film sites as a movie reviewer. Fans can reach him at

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Submit for Redemption: Book 1 - Submission