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After years on hiatus from her writing, Raven de Hart, a writer of gay erotica, has returned to her work, crafting tantalizing tales, salacious stories, and erotic escapades for all. Though her older work is all but lost, much of her new work can be found in self-published eBooks, although some has wormed its way into more traditional publishing methods. Her work has been featured in the anthology Roboterotica through Pill Hill Press, and other pieces are currently under contract with Ravenous Romance and Cleis Press. She is also a member of the Kitten Knights, and was featured in their first anthology, Six Sexy Shifters. When not writing or researching for her next story, she can be found making wine, tending her garden, playing with her basset hound, Millie, and trying to figure out this new-fangled Internet fad. More information can be found at or at

Books Written/Contributed To By This Author
Street Magic   Sweethearts and Seduction