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Penny K. Moss

Author's Biography:

Penny is a Midwest native who has transplanted herself in the Pacific Northwest and now lives near Mt. Rainier. She has always been a fantasy and SF fan and is fond of various -punk subgenres (particularly dieselpunk). Her experience in the construction and utility industries have helped fuel her love for stories featuring blue-collar protagonists and mundane magic. At some point along the way, she also developed a Thing for cops and soldiers (this can probably be traced back to her childhood love for G.I. Joe) and an even bigger Thing for authority (this, too, can probably be traced back to G.I. Joe), and now she enjoys playing with power dynamics in her fiction.

When she is not figuring out ways for her characters to abuse (or to resist abusing) their authority, Penny plays videogames, watches animated TV shows, combs through local bookstores for interesting reading material, seeks out new teas to try, and takes weekend jaunts to Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula. She funds her hobbies and her tea addiction through a pretty cool office job.

Penny can be reached at pennykmoss (at) gmail (dot) com.

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