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Author's Biography:

Marie CarlsonĀ lives in the USA, travels far too much, and spends her nights writing about sexy monsters, watching the movement of the constellations, and searching the world for werewolf stories. She adores love stories during apocalypses and thinks for the end of the world fire or ice will suffice.

Marie spends her days on Top Secret Missions (editing and technical writing) to pay the bills and soaking up the sun wherever she is. She hunts down news items about upcoming werewolf media in her free time, is addicted to connecting with fans and other writers on Twitter, and collects horror movie figurines, books about monsters, and tattoos. She writes best in the wee hours of the night and drinks so much flavored coffee and iced tea she might as well have caffeine in her veins.

Marie's previous publications include the short stories "Like a Thousand Miles of Fire" in Torquere Press' Bite Me anthology, August 2009; "Hunter, Prey" in Circlet Press' Like Tooth and Claw anthology, December 2009; "Blazing Star" in Storm Moon Press' Cast the Cards anthology, October 2010; and the novella Beneath the Changing Moon as a part of Total E-Bound's Voracious Vamps line, October 2009.

Upcoming projects include "Hunted," a sequel to "Hunter, Prey"; an untitled sequel to "Like a Thousand Miles of Fire"; "Fire & Ice," a post-apocalyptic romance novel; and an untitled Only-Slightly-Secret project with paranormal romance and erotica author Elizabeth Reeve.

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