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Leigh Campbell

Author's Biography:

Leigh Campbell is a twenty-something living the Midwestern dream. When not writing, she spends her time reading or knitting progressively less lumpy scarves. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts in History that has proven to be a completely useless degree since graduation, but nevertheless, she makes her way as best she can. Before passing away, an important gentleman in Leigh's life told her to do her best to fulfill her dreams; he never wanted her to have the regrets of a life not lived to the fullest, and she took that to heart, revitalizing her passion for writing.

Ink has run in the veins of Leigh's family for many years; her great-grandmother helped to found the public library in her town (in the back of a jailhouse, of all places), and her grandmother made up stories for her when she was a little girl. She began writing stories as many children do for Young Authors in elementary and junior high school, eventually going on to state with a picture book about a scotty dog that was a Sherlockian detective. Her mother's taste in mysteries can certainly be seen in that work.

From there, she dabbled in other writer's sandboxes, developing a feel for her craft, and honing it. This progressed into dipping her toes into original fiction by means of National Novel Writing Month, which she won in November of 2010, and August of 2012. She predominantly sticks with science fiction and fantasy, but prefers to incorporate these elements into a more romantic setting.

Leigh also has a writing partner named Jackie. Jackie is a brown American Shorthair cat, rescued from a parking lot, and moved into "Shangri La". While Leigh is busy forging ahead on her latest writing project, Jackie can generally be found ‘helping' by loudly voicing her input, typing out the next sentence when Leigh's fingers get too tired, or showing her displeasure in the latest writing by lying down across the keyboard. Very helpful writing partners are a rare and treasured commodity.

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