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Author's Biography:

Kelly Rand is a full-time writer, editor and journalist who lives in southern Ontario, Canada.

She was born in a rural community in the heart of Ontario's illustrious tobacco belt, where her first real job was working on a farm. She spent much of her youth daydreaming about exciting people and places, and has been writing for as long as she can remember.

She has written everything from poetry to fan fiction, and wrote several novels before it occurred to her to send one of them away. Her real love lies with the short story. Her literary influences include Poppy Z. Brite and Christopher Bram. She has a lifelong love of some of her countries finest female writers, like Margaret Atwood to Susan Musgrave, and is interested in what Alice Munro calls "the pain of human contact."

She has worked in newsrooms across the province, and has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, websites and literary journals. She has a particular interest in gender and women's issues, and loves things that challenge gender binaries. For fun, she loves live music, road trips, playing pool and harboring crushes on various celebrities.

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