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Author's Biography:

Kaje Harper grew up in Montreal, Canada, and was fascinated with story-telling from the moment she learned to read. She spent her teen years writing, filling binders with stories about what guys like Starsky and Hutch really did on their days off. But as life got busy, the stories began to just live in her head. The characters grew up, met, endured, and loved, in any quiet moment she had. But the stories rarely made it to paper. Serious authorship got further sidetracked by ventures into psychology, teaching, and a biomedical career. And by a decade she spent enthralled by the challenges of raising children.

Then around 2006, when the kids were more independent, her husband gave her a computer she didn't have to share. She began putting words down in print again, just for fun. Hours of fun. Lots of hours of fun. The stories started to pile up, and her husband suggested if she was going to spend that much time on the keyboard she ought to try to publish one. MLR Press accepted her first submission, Life Lessons, which was released in May 2011. Kaje now has several novels and short stories in print, including Amazon bestseller The Rebuilding Year, a contemporary m/m romance released by Samhain Publishing in March 2012. She currently lives in Minnesota with a creative teenage daughter, a crazy little omnivorous white dog, and a remarkably patient spouse.

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