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K.L. Joy

Author's Biography:

K.L. Joy was born in Victoria, Australia.

In the early '90's, she completed a B.A. (Soc. Sci.) majoring in Sociology at La Trobe University.

After gaining her degree, K.L.'s gypsy spirit cried out for freedom and she traveled around the country working as an artist’s model for fetish photographers in Melbourne, and a life model for painters in Queensland, and a nude outdoor model in Darwin, amongst other things. Soon after returning to Melbourne she hooked up with the fetish photographer again, who took her to the top couturier of corsets. In the instant the laces were tightened KL knew she had found her fetish!

Immersing herself in the BDSM subculture, she often remained on the fringe to allow her method of investigation to remain unaffected. Through her interactions, KL found she had a 'catalyst’ of her own hence the title of her first book. Her desire was freed to explore fully the BDSM sub culture.

The first novel, Catalyst, Stories of Awakening, was print released in May '09 to a warm reception from the fetish community in Melbourne. K.L. has also traveled to Adelaide where the BDSM community welcomed her with open arms.

She has also published short stories in an adult magazine Paddles, under the name Mz K, and a Community Press Magazine under the name K.L. Joy.

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