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Gabriel Belthir

Author's Biography:

Gabriel Belthir is a freelance author who lives with a husband, a cat, and a dog in Ohio. After forays into poetry and game design, zie has decided to begin exploring the worlds of fantasy, science fiction, and alternate history. Between an active academic life and running hir own photography business, Gabriel enjoys all kinds of creative pursuits, including graphic design and painting.

Gabriel began writing short stories as fan fiction in 1997, and quickly moved into working on hir own scripts, manuscripts, and poetry. Zie staged A Mop in the Elevator, hir first original production, at the University of Memphis in 2000 as a Theater major.

Hir production and photography company, Whizzelfisch Productions, has worked on four local independent films and has several published photo shoots. Zie has been previously published as Joy Coop in Kerlak Publishing's Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts in a jointly-written story with Angelia Sparrow.

In hir free time, Gabriel enjoys historical reenactment, camping, hiking, role-playing games, and sewing. Zie is a proud fairy godparent of two girls and one boy.

Gabriel's current writing interests are varied. Zie intends to continue exploring the steampunk genre and various science-fiction and post-apocalyptic settings, as well as devoting time to engineering more genderqueer fiction. Zie is also delving into the historical eras of feudal Japan, medieval England, and Renaissance Italy for hir nefarious purposes.

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