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Emily Moreton

Author's Biography:

Emily Moreton started writing when she was a young girl, mostly stories featuring her and her sister bravely taking on the world and winning (well, the back garden, anyway). Fortunately, her writing diversified as she got older, though it does still include the occasional bit of saving the world (not by her, though). Emily has had several short stories published, including in a charity anthology to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, which was nominated for the Push Cart awards.

She now mostly writes gay and lesbian erotic romance (with very little saving the world) and is hoping to start work on a novel just as soon as that mythical thing known as free-time manifests itself.

Emily lives in Bristol, England, where she currently works four jobs in various community settings, and lives in a rooftop flat by a railway line. Aside from writing, she spends most of her time volunteering at a local theatre, and trying not to break anything important while on ice skates.

Books Written/Contributed To By This Author
Sweethearts and Seduction