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Elizabeth Hyder

Author's Biography:

Elizabeth Hyder has been a reader and writer of all types of erotica for over ten years. She is chiefly interested in male/male fiction, but has been known to write female/female and male/female when inspiration strikes. No matter if it's fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, mystery, paranormal—all genres appeal to her senses, and she's been known to dabble in a little bit of everything. (Although she does have a soft spot for anything involving thieves or assassins...)

Georgia is Elizabeth's current residence but she's a traveller at heart and probably won't live there much longer. Her dog is the love of her life, and is the best company and support she could hope for as she works toward her dream of the life as a professional writer.

So far, she has three publishing credits to her name: "Oliver" from In Uniform (Slashbooks, 2010), "Fire Mages" from Only In the City (Circlet Press, 2010), and "Marxist Theory" from the forthcoming anthology Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex (Cleis Press, 2011).

Elizabeth can be found on both Livejournal and Twitter under the name "fireflieshaven". She is always eager to discuss the finer points of writing and reading erotica with just about anybody.

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