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E.R. Karr

Author's Biography:

E.R. Karr was born in Boston and raised in small-town Massachusetts, and she read The Dragonriders of Pern at an impressionable age. Once introduced to the world of SF&F, she never looked back.

After spending several years bumming around academic libraries and several more years teaching English in Kyoto, Japan, she finally traded cramped apartments and cherry blossoms for the gray skies of Seattle. The rain offers a marvelous excuse to stay inside and write all day. She volunteers with the local humane society to get her regular dose of bunnies and kittens and with the Organization for Transformative Works to get her regular dose of fanfiction.

E.R. has two cats, three housemates, and a computer named Rupert, upon which she is currently working on more stories doing terrible and annoying things to characters who probably don't deserve it. She rather enjoys living in the future (though she still secretly is waiting for her gold queen to hatch).

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