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E.E. Ottoman

Author's Biography:

E.E. Ottoman has been writing every day since she was in middle school and telling stories for even longer than that. In 2005, she started publishing non-fiction under her legal name and in 2011 signed her first contract to publish a work of fiction. Since then, she has had two stories published with Less Than Three Press, an ebook Heart of Water and Stone, and the short story 'Regarding the Detective's Companion' which was included in Private Dicks: Undercovers anthology. Changeling Moon, was published by Less Than Three as part of the Halloween Rentboy collection. The Kraken Lord and the Eater of the Sun was released in November 2012 as part of the Bestiary collection. Zi Yong and the Collector of Secrets will be published as part of the Kiss Me at Midnight collection also by Less Than Three Press. As a queer writer E.E. is particularly interested in writing QUILTBAG romance and erotica Overall in her work she loves writing in speculative fiction genres such as fantasy, steampunk, paranormal and gothic horror. When not writing E.E. is a full time graduate student working toward a Ph.D. in American cultural and intellectual history.

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