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Della R. Buckland

Author's Biography:

"I'm naught but a wanderer of this realm. My passion is discovery and my interests many. Not just your average wanderer, but one of history, time and magic. My writings vary as I am truly interested in many things from the mundane to the outlandish."

Della R. Buckland, originally born in New York and transplanted to Southern California, has been writing tales of her fantasy worlds since she could hold a crayon. By day, she is a mild manner freelance writer publishing over 200 articles for such websites as Ehow and Answerbag for Demand Media Studios as well as Associated Content. However, by night, she wanders with nothing more than pen and paper among the dragons and other denizens that roam her worlds and tales of those travels can be found with such online sites as Associated Content and Sorcerous Signals and in print with Mystic Signals.

Della currently lives in El Cajon, California with her parents and two dogs.

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