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Anna Morris

Author's Biography:

Anna Morris has been writing stories for her own and others' amusement for longer than she can remember. While she has moved on from playful tales about dinosaurs into the world of romance, she still hopes to entertain her readers. Moving around several times as a child taught her to take an interest in the past and learn about the lives of those who had come before. This brought her a love of science and researching medieval and colonial American history and led her to eventually attain her Bachelor's Degree in History from McDaniel College.

She has made her living since then by working at various jobs including selling iced treats at the local Renaissance Faire, assisting in the college forensics lab, wiring lighting fixtures for a high-end furniture manufacturer, and—most recently—sorting data at a financial investment firm. When not working or writing, she spends her time on any number of creative pursuits, including knitting, drawing, and woodcarving. She also greatly enjoys archery, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and horseback riding as often as she can. She has aspirations to see as much of the world as is possible and has so far seen parts of Japan, the United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, and Egypt. When at home, she lives on a small island that is part of Maryland's Eastern Shore with several adopted dogs and watches far too much BBC programming.

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