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Ann Anderson

Author's Biography:

Ann Anderson is a dreamer with too many stories and not enough time. Reading since she finally managed to figure out which direction the book was supposed to face, not upside down according to her second grade teacher, Ann has been reading everything that comes across her path. It wasn't until her first year of high school that she found her passion for writing through the wonderful world of fanfiction, and Ann has never looked back since that first story that is still incomplete and waiting for the characters to have their own happy ending. When not writing, Ann can be found working at a cafe or at her computer working on line editing or content editing for various publishers which she discovered was a viable career option in college when switching majors. She enjoys the Chicago winters that blow into her little area of Crystal Lake and watching the cats decide if they really want to go outside in the snow or if they'd rather knock the laptop out of her lap and curl up.

Books Written/Contributed To By This Author
Devout   Snatched