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Amy Gaertner

Author's Biography:

Amy Gaertner is quite nearly a life-long writer and teller of tales, but has only recently decided to ply those trades in a professional capacity. (She does, however, seem to be getting the hang of talking about herself in the third person.) Most of her works fall under the broad umbrella of "speculative fiction", but she's nurtured a rather substantial soft spot in her heart for romance. (In other words: who doesn’t love a love story?)

When not writing, Miss Gaertner enjoys such varied interests as gardening, cooking, knitting, music, art, and math. (Yes, math! Miss Gaertner is both a "techie" and a "fuzzie"!) If you'd like to read more by this author: well, bless your heart! She has works published by Post Mortem Press and Daily Science Fiction.

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