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Alina Ray

Author's Biography:

Alina Ray, a Florida native, earned her bachelor’s in history from the University of Maryland - University College in August of 2011. She loves doing research and collecting history books. She is a sucker for a good historical biography, and will read as many as she can.

Aside from writing and reading, Alina loves spending time with her family in the Florida sun. She is often found at Disney World, the beach, or in a museum. She also loves to travel and visiting tourist traps are a high priority in her world. If she doesn't come home with a tacky souvenir, she considers it a sub-par trip.

Alina is also an amateur chef, and on any night of the week you can find her subjecting her family to her latest kitchen creations. Her skills in the kitchen have led Alina to another claim to fame, being able to dial for pizza in 10 seconds or less.

Alina is active in her local BDSM community, going to many leather events each and every year.

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